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SEC Filings

NAVIOS MARITIME ACQUISITION CORP filed this Form F-4/A on 11/13/2018
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Highly leveraged companies are significantly more vulnerable to unanticipated downturns and setbacks, whether directly related to their business or flowing from a general economic or industry condition, and therefore are more vulnerable to a business failure or bankruptcy.

The agreements and instruments governing our indebtedness and other obligations do or will contain restrictions, limitations and obligations that could significantly impact our ability to operate our business and adversely affect our stockholders.

The agreements and instruments governing our indebtedness and other commitments we enter into, including certain credit lines to our affiliates, impose certain operating and financial restrictions on us.

Among other restrictions, these restrictions and our other obligations and commitments may limit our ability to:



incur or guarantee additional indebtedness or issue certain preferred stock;



create liens on our assets;



make investments;



engage in mergers and acquisitions or sell all or substantially all of our properties or assets;



redeem or repurchase capital stock, pay dividends or make other restricted payments and investments;



make capital expenditures;



change the management of our vessels or terminate the management agreements we have relating to our vessels;



enter into long-term charter arrangements without the consent of the lender;



transfer or sell any of our vessels;



enter into certain transactions with our affiliates; and



reduce our cash available for growth and other purposes.

Therefore, we will need to seek permission from our lenders in order to engage in some corporate and commercial actions that we believe would be in the best interest of our business, and a denial of permission may make it difficult for us to successfully execute our business strategy or effectively compete with companies that are not similarly restricted. Our lenders’ interests may be different from our interests, and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to obtain our lenders’ permission when needed. This may prevent us from taking actions that are in our best interest. Any future credit agreement may include similar or more restrictive restrictions.

Additionally, in September 2016 we had entered into an agreement with Navios Holdings, pursuant to which we have provided Navios Holdings with a credit facility of up to $70.0 million. On November 3, 2017, Navios Holdings prepaid in full the outstanding amount of $55.1 million.

Our credit facilities contain requirements that the value of the collateral provided pursuant to the credit facilities must equal or exceed by a certain percentage the amount of outstanding borrowings under the credit facilities and that we maintain a minimum liquidity level. In addition, our credit facilities contain additional restrictive covenants, including a minimum net worth requirement and maximum total net liabilities over net assets requirement. It is an event of default under our credit facilities if such covenants are not complied with or if Navios Holdings, Ms. Angeliki Frangou, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and their respective affiliates cease to hold a minimum percentage of our issued stock. In addition, the indenture governing the notes also contains certain provisions obligating us in certain instances to make offers to purchase outstanding notes with the net proceeds of certain sales or other dispositions of assets or upon the occurrence of an event of loss



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