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SEC Filings

NAVIOS MARITIME ACQUISITION CORP filed this Form F-4/A on 11/13/2018
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In May 2014, Navios Acquisition extended the duration of its existing Administrative Services Agreement with Navios Holdings, until May 2020 pursuant to its existing terms.

A.    Operating results

Trends and Factors Affecting Our Future Results of Operations

We believe the principal factors that will affect our future results of operations are the economic, regulatory, political and governmental conditions that affect the shipping industry generally and that affect conditions in countries and markets in which our vessels engage in business. Other key factors that will be fundamental to our business, future financial condition and results of operations include:



the demand for seaborne transportation services;



the ability of Navios Holdings’ commercial and chartering operations to successfully employ our vessels at economically attractive rates, particularly as our fleet expands and our charters expire;



the effective and efficient technical management of our vessels;



Navios Holdings’ ability to satisfy technical, health, safety and compliance standards of major commodity traders; and



the strength of and growth in the number of our customer relationships, especially with major commodity traders.

In addition to the factors discussed above, we believe certain specific factors will impact our combined and consolidated results of operations. These factors include:



the charter hire earned by our vessels under our charters;



our access to capital required to acquire additional vessels and/or to implement our business strategy;



our ability to sell vessels at prices we deem satisfactory;



our level of debt and the related interest expense and amortization of principal; and



the level of any dividend to our stockholders.



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